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Dental Implants

Our dental implant services are painless and reliable. We use only implants from top brands such as “OSSTEM” and “E.T.K”.

General Dentistry

We diagnose, treat, and manage your overall oral health care needs, including gum care, root canals, fillings, crowns, veneers, bridges, and preventive education.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We can make your smile look perfectly natural. There are many different procedures that can be used depending on your specific needs.

Teeth Whitening

For a brighter, whiter smile without the wait, chemically activated whitening treatment that offers results in less than an hour.


We can also help to look after the long-term health of your teeth, gums and jaw joints.

Gum Treatment

We use the best techniques to deep clean under the gums that gets rid of bacteria from the roots of your teeth.

Principal and Clinical Director

Dr. Oltion Tafaj

Dr. Tafaj has 16 years of experience in the field of implantology and advanced surgery. He is an expert in treating dental-phobic patients and clearly explains to them the procedures to be used. Dr. Tafaj works to connect with each patient he treats and to make each person feel at ease while being treated.

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We offer high quality products for competitive prices.

We believe that everyone should have access to affordable dental care. 

We help patients of all ages take charge of their health, but we are especially committed to helping young patients learn about and practice proper dental hygiene for a lifetime of smiles.

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We provide quality dental care for the entire family

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We offer custom care for every patient. We equip our patients with the knowledge and tools they need to create healthy habits and prevent decay and other complications.

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Most oral emergencies relate to pain, bleeding, or orofacial trauma and should be attended by a dental practitioner.

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